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What is TONURV?

The world’s first laser toning system with scanning technology.

The new scanning technology of the TONURV virtually eliminates the laborious necessities of conventional laser treatments.
The state of the art technology of the TONURV provides effective procedures that are EASY and PERFECT.


    Uniform Toning Procedures
    for Entire Face with Only 12 Shots.
  • 760nm & 1064nm

    Dual Wavelength
  • FAST

    GUI for Adjusting Spot Size


Ordinary Toning Laser Devices

Spot Size Based Treatments

Must exchange the laser tip
for different spot sizes.

Time Consuming

Frequent Connecting Problems


Spot size can be adjusted
by simply making adjustments
on the screen.
Ordinary Laser Toning Method

The technician is required to continuously
exchange the laser tip during treatment.

Very laborious

Toning can be uneven


The exclusively designed scanner
can automatically perform
uniform treatments.

Real People. Real Results.

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